August 21, 2005

my new bed.

I love my new bed. It really IS wonderful in every way...
so why cant I get to sleep at night? Because I keep thinking of things I need to do...and worrying about things.
so why cant I stay asleep in the morning? Because my blinds in my new room are really NO GOOD...and I have HUGE EAST FACING windows...meaning FULL ON SUN at very early hours. Its driving me insane.

Buuuut, I have moved in...and ALMOST everything is as it should be. Katie and I are both totally exausted- I mean, going grocery shopping took FOREVER. We've gained a whole new respect for housewives...especially housewives in the 50s who had to have a hot meal on the table at 6PM. ( random, I know)

We did have a horrible moment on Friday afternoon at 3-4PM when we were told we hadnt been approved to move in yet. MEEEEEEH! It was AWFUL, but luckily I used my totally awesome PR skills on that women plus a WHOLE lot of praying under my breath...and we finally got the keys to our place.

Last night Anna came over and we all discussed the EVILS of juniorhigh...its amazing how memories from that time in my life STILL make my sick to my stomache....

Katie and I watched our first DVD together in our new home: This is Spinal Tap. such a funny goal is to get allll of them...Waiting for Guffmen, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind-they are brilliant movies...

I feel like I havent THOUGHT in it actually connected to the fact that I havent written in my journal or posted on here in days??? Am I THAT connected to my writing?! Or is it just that I havent thought about anything deep-ish and therefore havent journaled....huh. its a chicken/egg type thing I'm sure ;-)

Apartment Woes:
This morning there were a whole bunch of ants on my bath mat...I was in a hurry so I just took the whole thing outside onto our balcony and didnt have time to figure out WHERE they came from...I am thinking my closet and the storage containers that were in my parents storage shed that now are stacked in there....BOO! I HATE ANTS.

Note to non-Texas readers: You probably havent heard of fire-ants and you have probably never come in contact with them...they are tiny little ants that have a red tint to them...but besides that they look just like your basic black sugar ant....with one VERY HUGE difference...they have an EVIL sting...and just about every person I know who grew up with these ants has a traumatic story connected with being covered in ants and stung to the point of needed medication - so you can see why I am freaking about the ants.

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