August 22, 2005

Thomas is handy to have around.

My title is my thank you to Thomas who totally wins the award of being the best brother-in-law ever....of course, he isnt MY brother-in-law technically...but whatever, he still wins for being so very helpful in my moving process . :-)

I am losing MY MIND. I know this is news to many of you who thought I had already lost it-but untrue. I lost it this weekend.

Today, it was actually a DELIGHT to go to work, because work is predictable. Work is organized. Work is highly air-conditioned.

The lastest on the moving process. Katie and I still dont have a table and chairs for our dining room. Its been suggested that we BUY a set, but let me just say...I dont particularly feel the need to HAVE a table and chairs-especially since I eat on the couch most of the time anyway....except for that huge empty space in our dining room....and also I would like to have people over for dinner eventually. Meh. This is the least of my problems.

My room is driving me crazy because it is SO unorganized. I know this is news to many of you who thought I had always been unorganized-but untrue. I have ALWAYS known where everything was...even if it looked like messy piles of papers to the untrained eye. I dont have my desk yet or my other book case-which is WHY so many things are still "unaccounted for" in boxs. I also really want to put things up on my walls-I know I should have patience. But its never been one of my virtues.

Also, I know I already mentioned my blinds and the lack of "blindness" they provide. This has become even MORE of a problem because of how insanely HOT my room gets and the living area gets during the day...we are talking BOILING.

On a MUCH more pleasant note:
Katie and I are watching these DVDs pretty much nonstop at the moment. Raise your hand if you like escapism too!

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