August 17, 2005

why I should be the international calls poster girl:

Monday: Talked to Louise on the phone for almost an hour
Tuesday: Talked to Lydia on the phone for an hour
Wednesday: Talked to Emma on the phone for an hour
The End.

Tomorrow I have the day off! WOOOOOO !
Tomorrow I get to drive to Houston by it strange that I am TOTALLY looking forward to it? I mean, when else can you sing at the top of your lungs and sit on your butt for two hours without being called lazy/crazy?! EXACTLY.
I am considering going a bit early to look for a bedding stuff since Houston has more varity and I could probably get a better deal-it all depend on when I wake up in the morning....

I am starting to get cranky about moving...I think EVERYONE will be glad when this is all over. :-P

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