August 07, 2005

Yay! for Sunday night when.... dont have to work the next day! :-)

I am sooo glad I dont have to work tomorrow!!! Of course, I am going to be busy...I have to get all the last details together for my application for the apartment that katie and I are applying for...we are going to turn it all in tomorrow-which is going to make everything REALLY real!

So, I dont think I've really mentioned the upheavel that is about to take place in my I'll give you a brief rundown....

My parents have sold their house.
My parents have bought land.
My parents are building three houses on the to live in, two to sell.
My parents have also bought a rent house next to the land.
My parents are going to live in the rundown rent house until their house is complete.
I am moving into an apartment with Katie.
We will all pretty much be completely moved into new living quarters by the end of August.

Yeah, so in the above sentences I made it sound like everything was set in stone...but its really I GUESS things could change-but I have to admit I feel like everything is just as it should be. Just FASTER than i would have like ;-)

Oh. Annnnd Katie and I are having lunch at Sushi Ya at 1PM tomorrow...for the first time since the "episode that shocked a nation"....which unfortunately isnt published on the web FACT...( hold on, let me check the back up) ...whew! it IS on my backup which was luckily saved when I deleted my blog back in May..or whenever that was! HAS been a long time since Katie and I have been-we must have REALLY been traumatised!
I am off to bed now but, just in case you forgot and you want some light is the:

The Sushi Ya Saga

So, I am heading out of the house at 11:30 this morning and I think, wow...wouldnt it be nice to have lunch with Katie I give her a call, we meet at Sushi Ya. Life is peachy...or so I thought.

Now, as many of you may more maynot know, Sushi Ya is this resturant in Nac. that my family and friends, and many other people I do not know support, because A. we feel sorry for the people that run the place and B. we like sushi and its the only place in a 60 mile radius that sales it....the 4 people that work in Sushi Ya cannot speak english-they know very few words all of which I have a feeling are on the menu or are some sort of variation of "can I get a refill" 'we need the check" and all the number from about 1-5 ( the average number of people that come in and ask for a table for __)...up until today it was one of the "endearing" aspects of the place, one of those jokes you have with the person you are at the table with...

" I wonder what the "crunchy roll is?"-Abigail
"Why dont you ask?"-Katie

Because, we both know there is NO WAY they could explain in any language we understand what a chrunchy roll is...

So, these are the events of today that ended the joke for fact, possibly killed the joke and stomped on it without remorse:

Katie and Abigail discuss there menus, Katie has given up eating anything that "once was living" for lent and therefore they discuss what she can order-after a very nasty revelation that the "veggie roll" has PICKLES on it ( ew!) Katie decides on the tried and true ( and also pickless) Avacado Roll....and Abigail decides to be brave and order the Crunchy Roll so they can once and for all learn the mystery behind it.

Nameless NonEnglishSpeaking ( NES) Man: Mumble Mumble.
( they can only assume he is asking for their order)
Katie: I'll have two ( makes a peace sign with her fingers) avacado rolls please( pointing at "avacado roll" on the menu).
Abigail: And I'll have a crunchy roll, thanks.

Time passes. Conversation of dreams, deep sea fish, fears from their childhood....

*NES returns*

NES Man: mumble Crunchy Roll ( as he places it before me)
NES Man: mumble, mumble California Roll...( placing two rolls in front of Katie)
Katie: Ummm...I didnt order the california roll....and I WOULD eat it, but I cant eat meat...I ordered the AVACADO ROLL.
NES: mumble mumble mumble ( takes plate away)

*enters* Jim ( Jim is the manager/owner/cook of Sushi Ya...he speaks more english than most of the workers, which doesnt say much in his defense...)

Jim: YOU ORDERED the california roll!
Katie: No, I didnt...I ordered the Avacado roll...I know there is meat on the California Roll..and so I ordered the avacado roll...
Jim: I KNOW what you said, you said CALIFORNIA ROLL...but I will make you avacado roll anyway ( growls at katie)
Katie: But...I....
Abigail: I was here, I heard her order the Avacado roll!
Jim: NO! SHE DIDNT...( he walks away)

Abigail and Katie are beside themselves at the turn of was HORRIBLY horrible to has someone horribly YELL at them for something that DIDNT HAPPEN.

Katie gets her avacado rolls...they eat...they discuss the events at hand and how long they feel is a "sufficient amount of time" to stay away for sushi ya....because it is OBVIOUS they cannot come back after THAT had just transpired...

Then, all of a sudden, Abigail DROPS her glass of coke onto the table ( are you really surprised...she IS a known dropper) and it hits her bowl of soy sauce, which consequently splashes EVERYWHERE ( floor, wall, table, abigails shirt) while Coke drips and puddles on the table....
Abigail and Katie cry/laugh at what has just happened, they try their best to clean up the mess, but there isnt much they can do ( besides making feeble efforts to clean the splatters on the wall)...they wait for someone to come help them clean up, after all everyone in the resturant had SEEN the whole thing transpire...

*time passes slowly*

No one comes. Abigail and Katie dont know WHAT to do...they are horribly embarrassed...two incounters in one meal time is too much for them to handle...they leave a large amount of money on the table and leave....hoping that a very large tip will at least ease THEIR minds about the whole affair....

of course, it amount of money or sushi in ones stomache can fully get a person over such a traumatic experience....katie had to get a mint chocolate chip java shake to help the situation....and Abigail had to write this blog....and while both exercises did ease the pain to the point of a dull throb....both were left with the realization that they wouldnt be eating sushi for a very long time to come, and THAT was hard to bare.
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