August 08, 2005

It's a pity party...and you're invited!!!!!!!!!!

As my sister said, *Ive* been at this party since 8AM this morning...but now its time to have some guests soooo,

Dear Blog Readers,

Your attendence is requested at Abbey's blog. No RSVP necessary. Presents excepted.

I bet you are wondering WHY i am having a pity party on my Monday day off....

I AM AT WORK!!! I GOT CALLED AT 8AM THIS MORNING, BECAUSE THE OTHER GIRL GOT "SICK" I REALLY DOOOO BELIEVE THAT SHE ISSSSSSSSSS SICK...BUT SINCE I LOOKED BACK THROUGH MY BLOG and this monday and then I remember this one too.. and they just kept coming, days ( and especially mondays) that I THOUGHT I would only have to work a half day...or I would get my day off...but then, at the last moment, it would all be changed.


I am now just hoping that I will be able to get off at 3 so I can go turn in my application for the apartment with Katie....meh.

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