September 21, 2005

always be prepared

My mother always wanted to be a boyscout, and today I reeeeally wish I was.
Seriously, I got up feeling waaaaay sleepy. For some reason, wednesday mornings are always the tirest. This morning, I was going through my morning routine rather well, I mean, I was slower than normal but nothing really stupid had happened yet, UNTIL....I took my milk out of the microwave ( I like to heat it up a little bit before putting it in my coffee) and then I dropped it and a little spilled into one of the stove tops...soooo, I set the majority of the milk on top of the other stove top element while I was cleaning up the one I had spilled on....I decided to reeeeally clean it, because the thought of "heated up milk" on the element wasnt good. Anywho, long story short I got overvealous with my cleaning of ONE element, and hit the milk to land ALLLL in the OTHER element. *sigh* That took a while to clean up.....

THEN I got to work this morning to learn that the latest hurricane to grace the ocean is even BIGGER than the last...and it will probably hit texas. Now, I have to admit, I am totally an optimist at heart...and listening to my Doctors talking about buying water and other such things was odd. But, then it got me thinking....maybe I realyl SHOULD be a little more observant...and possibly do something to prepare for the worst.

P.S. I've also lost my lips are DYING of thirst at the moment....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh


On other nonrelated news, my internet/blogging presence reached an all knew crazy yesterday when I actually MET an internet friend. *sigh* I know, I never thought I would be one of those people either...but, according to Katie, its really quite normal. Yes, all of you dear readers-of-comments who emailed me yesterday to ask how things went with "the stalker"...turns out Paul is totally normal and I talked to him for a very long time and had good fun in the process-seriously, I didnt see any odd pictures being taken and he didnt follow me home! ahahaha. No, seriously, it was really nice...though odd that I sort of already knew him...without having never seen him before. Its also odd knowing that I am writing abouting it with full knowledge that he'll read it... and now know that he's been labeled the stalker. Sorry, Paul, i think you had it coming ;-)

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