September 20, 2005


So last night I got really homesick for New Zealand. It happens sometimes, usually I dont mention it because...well, its not really worth mentioning. But last night I got homesick because I was Writing ( as opposed to the lowercase version) and I was using one of my own personal experiences as a setting- which brings me to the difficulty I find with all of my writings..with my blog I am usually releasing I pretty much always feel better when I finish-but with this new kind of "fiction writing" I actually have to BRING THINGS BACK UP. Its like I am reliving things for the sake of the emotion I need to write about it. its strange.

So, I am trying my hand at fiction, right? But its BARELY fiction...its pretty much just my life with some hindsight mixed in. I am also combining people I know, changing them up to create something more "managable"...anyway, the major problem I am having at the moment is with names....Because every character is very-much based on someone I know....Its hard to come up with names that fit. I mean, the main character....its me...but better looking ( hahaha...I'm kidding) and what do you NAME yourself other than your own name? In fact, I am sort of self-conscious about it, because I know anyone that knows me will know this character is me...and they'll THAT'S what she would like to be called!!
Anywho...maybe you guys could help? If you could have of a good "main character" name...what would it be?

In other news, I've been having good fun as of late looking at pictures on the website flickr where people post their pictures...I especially liked this set of pictures. Of people on the Subway its a great way to pass some time people watching! it inspired me to:
A. Go take some random pics of people
B. Go to New York

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