September 26, 2005

dont touch me

No Electricity.

The lasting effects of Hurricane Rita on my life...that's about it.

But, last night I thought I was going to DIE of a heat stroke....seriously, I was lying on my sister's couch trying to not touch my body to anything, difficult unless you are levitating...which I dont have that particular talent.
Anyway, I have a feeling-with the odd way that our town is turning electricity back on ( two houses next to each other and one will have power and the other will not)- I figure my particular apartment complex will be one of the last to get it back...afterall, we ARE the ghetto...and ghettos are usually towards the bottom of priority lists ;-)

Anyway, the great joy of today was taking a shower...and washing my hair....its great to have long hair and know, that when you wash it, it will be wet for several hours....which has a great cooling effect. seriously, wonderful.
Of course, i told my sister when we were moving a mattress into the livingroom, last night...that I was going to "cut it all off"...of course, that was when it was sticking to me in the hotness that was last night.I am fickle.

Work has been crazy today, having to write out preliminary diagnosis on every patient because the computer system is down...meeeeh.....buuuut, there is internet and air conditioning here, so if they need me to work late tonight, I just might make that sacrifice. ;-)

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