September 14, 2005

late night, hard afternoon

Last night, I was kept awake by the apartment that is right behind my bedroom....they were playing music really late, with the bass up really high....I was bounced in my bed until I finally went and slept on the couch until 3AM.

Lucky I wasnt working today, huh?

Today, I went to the animal shelter to look for my Kitty....I figured she wouldnt be there, but I hated the thought of her being put to sleep because I hadnt checked. So I wasnt so bad at the beginning...all the cats and kittens were really cute-but then they took me back to see the "strays" that had been recently brought in...and after discribing my cat to the lady she showed me a cat who was hidding way in the back of her cage where all you could see was her body and looked JUST like Kitty...and, well, even though it didnt take me too long to realize the face wasnt her's....this cat really looked a LOT like her...and it was really beat up...and wouldnt move.....I felt so bad for hurt my heart

After giving the workers a discription of my cat and my contact details I left....and cried and cried. I know its silly to care so much about an animal-but she was such a great cat...her love was unconditional. And I know my parents keep telling me she is with some really great family who is spoiling her a lot more than we did.... but that poor beat up cat is my worst fear for her....and plus, I miss her.

Uggg...I am going to cry again. I better stop this.

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