September 15, 2005

sitting on the floor.

Have you ever noticed that in your house there are lots of places you've never actually been? I really like to sit on the floor in random places in my apartment...last night I sat on the floor, by the refridgerator again ( I reeeeally need to get a landline phone) and I really enjoyed looking UP at my kitchen....In the movie You've Got Mail the heroine has to close her children's bookstore and in one of the "I'm depressed, look what I do" scenes...she makes herself a bowl of soup and goes and sits on the floor against the wall in her bedroom to eat it. I always found that scene really striking for some reason...
I suggest the next time you are reading a book or talking on the phone-go sit somewhere you've never sat before.

Yup, last night I talked to Sam on the phone. It was great fun....but something semi-important came from that conversation. He asked me if I was writing. I havent been...which brings me to a confession.
I was totally crushed -mentally, spiritually-last week. It was a horrible experience, and I made a resolution not to mention in much on my blog. And I dont think I'll break that resolution....but what I WILL say, is its been harder than I thought to move get back up off the ground, wipe off my knees and keep the fight of the Positive going. And guess how this particular crushing moment has been revealing itself? Strangely enough, I have been able to keep my mind undercontrol during the DAY....but I've been having lots of bad dreams...reliving the moment, having other, alternate moments occur. I dont really know what to do about it, but I do feel like the dreams are probably just a reminder that I need to spend some quality time praying on this particular subject....even MORE time....and I should probably give myself a break-this is going to take longer than I thought.

What I havent done in the past week is write. And I know I should...and Sam was a good friend and bugged me about it. *sigh* I am going to try harder.

On Tuesday I rolled my ankle while I was working out, and no I wasnt even doing anything that particularly causes such an accident...I was actually just jogging in place at the time...yes, I am such a dork. The weird thing didnt start hurting until last night at church...and its been really sore today. meh.

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