September 04, 2005

Party Pooper.

I know, you wouldn't think I would be against parties...but sometimes I am. For instance, when I have to go to them by myself and then look for people I know among the masses....and THEN run into lots and lots of people I really didnt want to see....

Yeah, I think this will be the last year I even attempt to go to the Death to Work Fiesta. That party was officially over for me my senior year in high school.

Yeah, I know, I know...that was negative. But my point about the above is that something must have happened to me along the way ( in life) where I decided I didnt enjoy pretending to be happy about seeing mean girls and gross guys that I use to know. I think there must be something I didnt learn along the way-how to be truly genuine even in such social situations where you dont want to be and everyone is having those superficial " heeeey, how are YOU?!....greeeeat....greeeeat"
conversations. I mean, I really came home feeling really awful because I had just been soooo FAKE.

It WAS good to see the three people I hadnt seen in ages that I DID run into. So, Hung, Michael and Nathan....congrats for being people I had decent mini-conversations with, it was truly a relief to be normal with made it a not-so-bad experience. And Katie and guys are still the cutiest couple ever.

I was also bummed because I missed Darcy play. I hear they are continuing to get better....and I've always been a great advocacy for "better". :-P

In pleasant news.
Tomorrow I get to hang out with my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law...its been SO LONG since we've all been together. I am EXCITED. :-) :-)

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