September 18, 2005

Write a letter or something...

Now, I've got some great stories from this weekend....mostly staring my sister and I. I swear, if TV is going to continue with this horrible reality tv obsession than they should at LEAST do a TV show with my sister and I. We are really funny. :-P

Anyway, so I've got some good stories, but they are going to take some tweaking to put them into written form and still be funny....and to tell you the truth I cant be bothered at the moment....
The moment:
The curtains are blocking out the late afternoon sun as I lie here in my PJs listening to music contemplating taking a nap.

Just wanted to say....I got a cool email from one of those old high school friends who you suspect you would like even more now....its strange when you read those sort of emails...because *i* send out those emails too...I wonder what people think of me? people that just read my blog or read my mass emails-but who I rarely talk to? Its strange because *I* am in charge of creating my own picture of myself...creating a picture of my life now...a life that they may never actually see...but a life they can create in their mind because of how I discribe it.
I wonder if I do all of this justice?

I got a cool email from a friend who writes regularly writes me beautiful emails. She had had a really good day ( all sunshine and lollipops as she discribed it)....seriously she is such a good writer that *i* felt good too. It is such a blessing when days like that happen-the good stuff just keeps coming. Those days are like hot chocolate on a cold night...long after the drink is actually gone...the warmth is still there inside of you making the cold just a little more bareable.

Tonight is my church's baptism service. It is held out at Lake Nacogdoches....should be wonderful. I cant wait.

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