September 19, 2005

working girl

Sometimes I see myself through 10 year-old eyes...MY ten year old eyes to be exact. I was coming out of my apartment on my way to work this morning holding a piece of toast in one hand and my coffee to-go mug in the other and I thought.
"whoa, I am a grown up!"
For some reason, when I was little getting up in your own home, making the coffee yourself ( because even when I was older and drank Papa always made it) and going to work was really the epidomy of working women.....but today as i came out of my apartment fulling the definition, I changed it to "working girl"...because, even if I DO meet all the criteria...I really dont think I'm quite grown up just yet. ;-)

This weekend Anna and I went to Houston. It was good fun, I did some shopping spent know the drill. ;-) While we were there we saw the movie Just like Heaven...I give it two thumbs up for fulfilling everything a "fluffy" movie should be.

I am working the mornings this week ( meaning I get off work at 2PM)-except for today, I am working all day today ( which was a suprise...due to an emergency with my co-worker****) anyway, because of this particular work schedule I am going to MAKE myself write in the afternoons...hopefully until at least 4PM. * sigh* making the schedule to do something is half the battle. ;-)

Started watching the first season of Lost on DVD, with my sister and Mom this weekend. We've watched the first four episodes. Its a pretty good show, but I can see how it will quickly run out of steam. Apparently the creator of the show is the same guy who came up with Alias and ( some other show I cant remember)...both of which were also really great the first couple of seasons and then...became not so great. I will be interested to see what happens to THIS particular show-but for now...I definitely see what all the fuss was about :-)

In other news, the baptism service was wonderful last night. It was truly beautiful. I have to say, it doesnt matter HOW many such events I go to- I will always be overwhelmed with the Grace of God-that He died for each of What really struck me at this particular service:
The last few baptisms I've been to where in NZ-they were wonderful, and especially great because at each of them I saw dear friends getting baptised. In contrast at this particular event, the three people getting baptised were young...not even in high school young. How wonderful that they are growing UP as Christians! I realize that that doesnt mean they will not face difficulties and mistakes in the future-but I dont think we appreciate the power of God's protection over His children...and for them to grow up in that is a wonderful thing. Oh that they would put to shame the strong and powerful of this world!

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