October 21, 2005

7 times 7

7 times 7
7 things I plan to do:
1.Write a novel...or something
2.Have a house where lots of people can come and say.
3.Learn to cook ( better).
4.Find a "hot holy boy" ( thanks for that, Carmi)
5.Eat lunch
6. Go back to NZ...at least for a visit.
7. Watch all three Extended Editions of Lord of the Rings in one sitting

7 things I can do:
1. Carry on conversation with just about anyone.
2. tell a story on demand
3. knit
4. have a cheerful voice on the phone no matter what my mood is.
5. cross just one eye
6. dance..when no one's watching
7. sing...in the shower

7 things I cant do:

1. Drive a car manually
2. Play the piano in public ( I can play in private)
3. Write with my righthand
4. rollerskate ( I have weak ankles ok!)
5. Talk on the phone and blog at the same time ( I've tried..its not possible)
6. Balance my checkbook without a calculator ( even then it takes HOURS)
7. Eat italian food while wearing a white shirt ( I WILL get sauce on it!)

7 Things that Scare me:
1. scorpions
2. drowning in a car
3. something bad happening to my friends
4. relationships
5. teletubbies
6. ending up with a horrible east texas accent
7. The Kool-aid mascot

7 Random things About me:
1. I have freakishly small feet
2. I can write backwards ( you can read it in a mirror)
3. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years
4. I'm 5'6
5. I just have one sister.
6. I had ringlets until I was, like four, when I got my first haircut...and they never came back
7. I hate celery

7 Things I say:
1. Meeeeh.
2. Wooo wooo.
3. Speaking of...
4. Like nobodies business
5. Crazy pills
6. Oh.
7. Crazier than a coconut

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