October 21, 2005

Science Fiction-ness

Soooo, this morning I woke up from this INSANE dream, which I can only discribe as science fiction on crazy pills...but, the reason I mention the dream is that I must have REALLY thought it was awesome  AND real , because my body was totally sore, I had this odd pain in my neck and my body was in a starfish type stance when my alarm went off...meaning I must have ACTUALLY been crawling through that tunnel that had electric shock wire running along the outside of it...trying to escape the evil dictator who, I kid you not, looked like my friend Douglas.
Annnnywho, I wasnt in the BEST of moods while I was getting ready for work this morning, and it didnt make it ANY better that when I got to my car I saw that Evil Neighbor and Evil Daughter were both sitting outside having a Fag...and Evil Daughter leaned out of her chair to look at me.
BUUUUT, you know what made this Friday morning worth it( besides the coffee) ? Well, I had TWENTY updated blogs to read this morning!  awwwww....yous guys....it gave me SUCH a fuzzy feeling...even though, those of you that have blogger comments...I cant comment...and...that makes me sad( hint, hint haloscan is worth it, everyone) . But, the shear amount of reading I had to do was delightful, and luckily the noncommenting did not kill the buzz it provided :-)
There was something else I wanted to say....
Oh! Yes! My sister and I are going to a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME tonight! hahahah! I KNOW...and not only that, we are going to a "baby" highschool football game, meaning its one of those little bitty backwoods sort of towns....our friend Ramey is the band director there and we are going to catch his half-time show...I am actually really excited about this-especially since the weather FINALLY got cool(er) again...seriously, these summer tempatures did not help the electric bill this month :-(
But, back on subject: I really feel that football games should be watched in cooler weather...no matter what. And I am SURE that I'll have something cool to talk about tomorrow....
Speaking of good times with the sister: < Save the Last Dance and Pizza equals good times had by all....
P.S. Oh, and Anna, it DID come out my Junior year in Highschool...which probably DOES explain the dancing with all the black dudes at my Senior Prom....ahhh...it all makes sense now! ;-)

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