October 14, 2005

Abigail's personal movie checklist...

Ok, so I know a while back I mentioned how I love the next couple of months ( Oct-Dec) and one of the main reasons is the movies that come out during this time period. Now, Hollywood is pretty easy to figure out-they always put out a the "summer flicks" and then the "holiday flicks"...the two majore movie booms of the year...now, I personally think the "holiday flicks" are waaay better on a year to year basis..and I am pretty sure this year proves no different. Which is lucky, since the summer movies were down right PITIFUL.
So, here is a little list I compiled of the movies *i* personally would like to see during the coming three months, feel free to make further suggestions or make comments on the movies I have listed...

Domino*this one comes out today-and I would love to see it this weekend, but I also want to see...
Elizabethtown-but they are very different type movies so maybe I'll just see both...in between going to work and sleeping ( the other things I have planned for the weekend )
The Legend of Zorro: I mainly want to see this movie because, from the previews, it looks like there is another tango scene...and, well, I love tango scenes in movies ( I mean, come on! Moulin Rouge, anyone?!) plus, my mother LOVES Antonio Banderas..and I like to support ( make fun of) things like that.
Prime: OK, this just looks like your typical, run of the mill, romantic comedy...but I have nothing against such things...and so, if I dont have anything better to do, than I will go see this movie.
Shopgirl...based on the book by Steve Martin...I always saw it in Barnes and Noble and thought it looked interesting, but never read it..but, whats better, now I can just watch the movie;-)

ahhh! the best month of the year..proves to also have some good movies:
The Family Stone: A "fluffy movie" as I like to call them...but looks cutesy
Pride and Prejudice: Who ISNT looking forward to this movie?
Harry Potter: And the Goblet of Fire: oooh maaaaan, the previews to this one look GOOD! Its exciting to see these films come together after reading the books. So far, I havent been disappointed.
Walk the Line:This movie,is by far one of the movies I am MOST excited about seeing in November....Johnny Cash...wooo!
The Libertine: odd. When I looked this one up on imbd.com it said it came out in 2004...but *i* dont remember it...and it has Johnny Depp...so I have to see it....anyone know about this one?
Rent: This movie is going to be goooood. I nearly cried when I saw the preview.


Aeon Flux: This movie looks really cool. And an interview I read of the Director made me want to see it even more. Interesting social statements etc. etc.
A good Woman: Alrighty...here's another one that imdb.com says came out in 2004...how did I miss it? Its OSCAR WILDE for heavens sake! I looove the movies based on his works!

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the witch and the waredrobe: Ok, I get positively giddy just THINKING about this movie...I am SOOOO excited about it! Weta studios seems to have done another FANTASTIC job creating another world that I practically LIVED in as a child.
Memoirs of a Geisha: The previews are beautiful-the actresses most famous for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon come together again...it looks fantastic!
The Worlds Fastest Indian..its about an New Zealander...so why wouldnt I want to see it?! I love it when anything regarding my favorite country hits the mainstream ;-)
King Kong: Speaking of New Zealanders...I've been looking forward to seeing what ol' Peter's been up to since LOTR..and it looks like he will not disappoint. P.S. Jack Black is awesome.

Munich: Steven Spielberg=it will probably be good.
Rumor Has it: Here's another one of those romantic comedies that falls into the "if I dont have anything better to do..and I probably wont" I'll see it. ;-) I havent seen Kevin Costner in a while anyway.

Well, that turned out to be quite a few...I better start saving the moneys...hehe ;-)

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