October 03, 2005


Last night I finished up the last of the first season of Lost. The last episode only had one really good suprise-but, actually, besides that it was kind of a pitiful "cliff hanger"...I mean, I KNEW that is how they would leave it. Pul-lease!
Not, to say I cant wait until I can watch the 2nd season-which will be like, six months at least...meeeeh...nobody had better tell me what happens or...you're gonna get it ;-)

Other positives moments of the weekend were:
I bought the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: EE for $19.99..swwwweeeeet! Now I have my own copy and all I need is Two Towers and Return of the King. Actually, it was really perfect timing because I was JUST talking to my mother this weekend about teaching class on a Lord of the Rings at the end of the unit-this way I will teach a class at the end of both semesters...on my two favorite subjects, Lord of the Rings and Shakespeare....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! :-)
Of course, I have NO IDEA what I would want to say about LOTR, besides gushing for 45 minutes I cant imagine...any ideas, you fans out there? Anything you would want to learn??

I had a good chat with Amy on the phone...still feel bad about not getting to talk to her longer on her birthday- I find it sad that when we get older it is MUCH MUCH harder to throw birthday parties with pony rides and party favors...and if its the least I can do to give somebody a call and have a nice long chat than I am going to do it- Rita just got in the way this year....hopefully I can make it up to Amy one of these days ;-)

I ALSO got a suprise call from Louise on Saturday night which was EXCELLENT. She cracks me up like no other-and understands so many of my weird quirks like no other...I am truly blessed with friends. I heard that Micheal W. Smith "Friends are Friends Forever" or whatever its called on the radio last night...and I seriously almost cried. It has really been hitting me hard lately that its almost been a year since I've seen some of my friends. Friends that I count as BEST friends, friends forever type friends. The amazing thing about it is that it actually doesnt seem THAT long. Dont get me wrong I would give ANYTHING to see them, but God has been amazingly gracious in keeping our Spirits close even when our bodies are thousands of miles away.

I had a fun dinner at the Tousha's house on Saturday night, yummy food, good company....Seriously, I did a lot of laughing-and I realize sometimes how much I miss doing stuff with GROUPS of people. It was something I took for granted in NZ, but now I find it a delight whenever I get the chance! :-)

Now, onwards...I am planning to go see the Corpse Bride with my mom this afternoon, did you know they have a 4PM showing at the movie theatre here in town?! WOOO! cheap tickets! ;-) I am excited, because, Johnny Depp is wonderful..of course

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