October 04, 2005

really odd.

So, I got the coolest compliment this morning...

"You are always so HAPPY in the mornings, how do you do it?"

Which, of course, I responded with, "Lots of coffee."

But, seriously, I really have to try hard to be cheerful in the mornings, and usually it takes a good twenty minutes before I am up to my ultimate cheerfulness. But, ultimately everyday I try to make it a challenge to convince whomever I speak to on the phone and whoever comes into the reading room throughout the day, that I am reeeeally happy to talk to them and serve them. And believe me its an act on most days ;-)
This is a realitively new goal in my life, which is why I am so happy with the compliment-it must be WORKING!

So, as I stand up here to except my oscar for Best Morning Actress....I want to thank Coffee and all its goodness...without you none, of this would have been possible.

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