October 28, 2005

run, run like the wind!

So, yesterday was a crap day. Yes, I know...thats not nice of me to say...but seriously, I tried out several words before finally going back to that one, and none of them fully expressed the badness of the bad day of yesterday. ;-)
I'm not going to go into it, at all, but suffice to say...I two good things came out of yesterday:
The Help of my Helper:
As I was leaving my sisters house last night, she said, "Yeah, maybe we should pray about this." And then we both laughed...because, well, maybe doesnt EVEN cover it! So I went home...and I rebuked all of the 'crap'...and then I took up all of the good things i could possibly think of...and then I feel asleep. Very good.
A decision:
I'm going away...today.
Yes, I havent offically CALLED Aunt Donnave yet..but as soon as I am through with work today...I'm going out of town for the weekend...something I've tried, and then failed to do several times in the last few months ;-) ....but the events of the past week make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me NOT to go away!! I need to get in my car, and drive...and sing to praise music...and pray...and look at the scenery...and yell at bad drivers....yes, it will be wonderful...and that's even before I get to my destination!
I'm still a bit on the "sick" side, but I am MUCH better! *stop for a second to rant*
Why is it that when you FEEL really bad, you dont sound bad or look bad and therefore no one feels sorry for you...but then, when you start to feel better your voice gets horse and gross...and you look way worse...and everyone feels much more sorry for you?!?
And therefore, I am off...I am out of here...and I will NOT be checking my blog, checking my email, reading other peoples blogs or commenting for the next several days. I havent had a break from "this world" in a while, and I think I need one...soo....see you on the flipside dear ones!
Wish me well!

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