October 07, 2005

thankgoodness THAT'S over!

Today...at work....I couldnt get on ANY blogs....blogspot was....totally....and completely....blocked.....I tried all of the other "blogging places" such as xanga.com, livejournal.com...and the ever evil myspace.com...and THEY all came up without complaint! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! I dont know WHAT the deal is, but its lucky I have the next three days off of work to recover from the HORRIBLE-NESS of it. :-(

Yes, you heard correctly! And I am going to have de-lightful time of it whilest not at work...the first order of business is going to see my dear PawPaw in Irving tomorrow for his BIRTHDAY! Yaaaaay! WOOOO! I am looking forward to it, havent seen him in too long ( I dont count that short little visit last month or so, because...it was short)

I started my "holiday mood" this morning by getting up at the CRACK OF DAWN ( aka. before 7) to meet Papa for coffee...this, of course, shows my dedication not only to my father but also to coffee...both are dedications I hope are never questioned.
But, you know, its odd...whenever I eat breakfast before a certain time ( i think its around 8:30 or 9) I get extremely hungry very early....I know that this is because of some sort of scientific reasoning...my food metabolizing faster or something...but, whatever, I dont care...I just dont like that annoying "I'm hungry feeling" coming so quickly- I was positively starving when I got home at 1:15.....

All better now though...ahhhh...foooooooddddddd.....

Katie and I decorated for Halloween last night, actually Katie decorated....I just agreed with her decorations-why get in the way of an artist, ya know? Anywho...October is the beginning of the best months of the year in Texas ( in my humble opinion)...first of all, the weather pretends to get cooler ( meaning, you have cooler weather every now and then...combined with hot weather like normal on all the other days)...but those cooler days ( like today) make me totally happy and excited about life. I think I just like changes in season-Any season. Its fun. Anyway, back to the months...right, so october is fun...and then you've got Halloween-which I dont actually "celebrate" I just find costumes really exciting...and I find little kids trick-or-treating really cute....and, besides, the crazy decorations in this apartment right now are totally worth it! Wooo! its like a party up in here!
THEN you get to November...which we ALLLLLL love because my birthday is in November.....I also enjoy this particular month because I've always been a fan of thanksgiving....partial to it really....dont know why....
Of course, this month is followed by the Christmas month...which is wonderful in soooo mannnnny waaaaays....I feel like its premature to go into it now-so somebody remind me to give a full list of my "I *heart* December* reasons on the 1st of December, ok? OoooOOOoooKKkkkkk! ( I bet nobody reminds me)
But, one of the great things about ALL THREE MONTHS is that Katie and I have mammoth decorating possiblities for each one.

I'll post some pics of the decor here in a moment :-)

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