October 06, 2005

a moment of panic

So, my computer has been acting up all day...it keeps denying me access to sites that I go to everyday...and the WORST was when it wouldnt let me get into blogger! OOOOH MAAAAN! I thought the hospitals security system had gone TOO FAR...but, I cleared my cookies ( it was the only think i could think of to do) and now the internet is moving waaay slower but at least I am not being locked out of stuff. *sigh* wouldnt it be horrible if the system didnt let me blog?! Of Course, I wouldnt blame them...but STILL, it would be awful.

So, I am not really in the mood for writing today, but I know my fellow "internet junky at work" buddy, Trinity probably needs something to read by now so I will push on through....

So, my job is kind of unique in that I work for two minutes, sit for two minute, work for two seconds, sit for two minutes, work for ten minutes, sit for two seconds...its a bit crazy at times and even though I do end up sitting a lot, its not like I could really do ANYTHING productive during that sitting time-because my train of thought could be interrupted at any moment

( like now)

Annnnyway, I tried experimenting with reading good, mind-building books while at work, but that didnt work because I would just block out the noice around me-which consists of the phone ringing that I should pick up and my bosses asking me questions that I need to answer...and listening for my bosses ending their dictations so I can get up and take down the old study and put up a new one...so, yeah, that didnt work. Whatever I do, I need to always have one ear open..Anyway, the best thing is for me to do things that I dont REEEALLY care about and take only half my brain to do.

Now, I will TELL YOU what I do during my moments of down time...IF you promise not to judge, and promise not to make wise cracks about how little I must work...so on that note:

Half Brain activities:

1. I write posts on my blog...yes, sadly to say this only uses parts of my brain and I am usually interrupted at least three times while I am writing. This explains typos, bad spelling, bad grammar and just plain bad writing at times. ;-)

2.I read blogs...I have a blog lines account and through that site it tells me when a blog is updated-meaning I dont have to check every blog every single day-thus cutting out a lot of time...which means, I know have a total of 41 different blogs that the site checks for me ( this use to be a public list that anyone could look at-but now that that came to my attention it is private...mmmwaahahahah!)

3. I read several comics, DilbertGet Fuzzy,For Better or For Worse and Luann... I know its a really weird combination...and the saddest thing is my favorite comic-Zits, I cant actually find it online...

4. This is probably the thing I reeeally hate to admit to, but I read MSN headline Gossip...I know, I know its horrible...but I really enjoy this particular gossip writer because it is ironically written in a way that makes FUN of gossip writing and gossip readers...very cleverly done. *sigh* I know, its still not a good excuse. But it takes up moments of my day.

5. When I work the morning shift I listen to "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" on the way to work ( I started to do this when listening to NPR started to depress me) ...and on those mornings I usually go to his website and look at the pictures of whoever they had on the show that day...sometimes I even read the hosts blogs...annnnnnnnnnnnd as of today I started to read Kidd's online novel"cat in a car"about a spoiled celebrity singer....meh, its pretty cheesey but very easy reading and pretty fun.

6. I also check my blog for comments, which is usually pretty depressing-since the ratio of me checking for comments and the number of comments I get is a pretty sad slant-buuuut, that is my own fault for checking so often ;-)...I also check my email a LOT...which also has a sad ratio...but once again...I am probably the only who checks their email that much.

7. I play FreeCell a lot as well...what a great game.

Ok, I think that is it!
And just to give you a feel for how things work around here-while writing this post I was interrupted 8 times for various lengths of time up to about 10 minutes long...so....yeah....writing this post kept me busy for a little over an hour...woo hoo!

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