November 03, 2005

19 Days...

Tonight, I am not in the best mood....had a not-so-good evening....but now I am listening to a mix CD I got in the mail today....and I'm feeling better.
Funnily enough, the next person on my list ( which by the way...I've decided to go "loosely" chronologically through my life...) is the person I spent my not-so-good evening with....ironic, isnt it ;-)

My Sister, Anna
My sister is....5 and a half years older than I. So, you could say I've been looking up to her since BEFORE I could think. Of course, according to the stories I wasnt very NICE for the first couple of years....well.....make that first 15 years. But when I was a kid, even when I was annoying and even when I didnt admit it- I always always wanted to be like my sister. She was so neat and tidy in every sense of the word...she seemed to have everything together. Everything that I struggled at, she seemed to master easily. This all from the eyes of a 10 year old...
I literally do not think I could have gotten through junior high if it hadnt been for my sister. In the fifth grade I came home crying just about everyday...boys were mean...girls were meaner....and my sister said the wisest thing ever: "Just wait till you get to high school, you'll love it...and you'll get your real friends together, and you wont even CARE what anyone else thinks."
I carried that bit of hope through the next four years....and not just that, when I think of the type of person I was in growing up, someone who was realitively confident in who they were, I can give a lot of credit for that to my sister-she always built me up and told me I was cool. And she told me when i wasnt cool too...which probably snapped me out of many a selfish pre-teen funk ;-)
Fast forward to later years...Even though I'd known my sister all my life, it was like some things were lost to me until later such as:
My sister is probably one of the funniest people I know, she really knows how to tell a story! When I was overseas talking to her on the phone somehow made me louder and louder...I think people down the hall could hear me! Now, that we are finally living in the same town again after....several years, she has truly become my best friend.
Also, She is incredibly talented at everything I want to be talented in...public relations, communications, advertising-she is creative and truly cares for those she works for and the business world I aspire to be like her. In my personal life I am continually overwhelmed by my sisters strength. She has come through more than I could POSSIBLY imagine and she has come with love and grace. Beautiful.
I would have to say, while I am grateful to the influence she had to my early years...I can honestly say, that her influence in just the past year has been second to none. I think God for her daily.

~~ Today my present was: glittery finger grip things for my pens...hahahah! funny!

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