November 04, 2005

Blogging Crisis.

No matter HOW MUCH I tell you I dont care how many readers I have, how many comments I still matters...sort of.
For instance, if I consistantly had 25 readers a day, I would be totally fine with long as you are consistent. But...lets say, all of a sudden I only got 24...I would get upset and wonder why that person stopped coming...
Now, let me just explain one of the hundreds of reasons I post so much....and this reason was PROVED by you, the reader, this past, I dont blog for how long...THREE DAYS?! thats hardly anything...there are people that dont blog for weeks...months even. So you wouldnt think this short amount of time wouldnt even REGISTER on the counter...but it DID! And it still is!!! I only had 69 visitors yesterday!!!!!! I usually have upwards of 80. tears from heaven!!!
Blog readers are fickle.
On another subject, today is CRAWLING by....seriously...CRAWLING....why are fridays this way?! I mean, actually this week flew by, thanks to not working on Monday...wooo! I wish I got long weekends more often. :-) Buuuut, this weekend I am working, slaving away both saturday and sunday to make up for the good times of last weekend.

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