November 02, 2005

20 days till my birthday...

While I am not really doing this little list thing in any kind of order-I feel like the first two really did make the biggest impact...

My Papa :
And here are some of the reasons why:
I have never ever doubted my fathers love for me, or that he would support me in whatever I undertook. That's pretty amazing, and I dont know how I would be who I am today without that. I have learned to love the very act of learning from my father-who never seems to stop reading books...books about all sorts of different subjects. My father also has one of the most magnetic personalities ever. You cant go anywhere with him without SOMEONE stopping to talk to him. I think this has a lot to do with how very genuine he is and also how humble he is....things I can only aspire to being. My father of course taught me lots of lessons-and I've mentioned my favorite before...but its worth mentioning again: since i was really really little my father would always ask my sister and I what was the only important thing about the person we married...the answer "He has to love God more than he loves us."
You know, that's actually a really big lesson...and even though I havent actually DONE that yet...I've totally crossed lots of people off my list because they didnt, I'm definitely on my way to following that rule.
I've also learned a lot from my father's teachings from the church pulpit, in teaching sunday school...he really is an amazing teacher...and his faith has influenced me hugely in the church and just in day to day life.
It's hard to even begin to discribe all the ways that my papa has helped make me who I am today...ultimately, I am grateful for all that he has sacrificed and stood against for his family. I know that in many ways my life is easier both physically and spiritually because of the work that my father has done for us. I dont even know where to begin in thanking him for that.

Today my golden birthday present was: A candle...mmmmm! it smells so good!

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