November 02, 2005


Last night I put my new pez despenser on the "knick knack" shelf...and Katie and I laughed and laughed....
our knick knack shelf has slowly grown over our time in the apartment...we pretty much put anything that doesnt really "go" anywhere else on that the moment ( from memory) it has a little garafe, a bear with a graduation hat on...a cat with a graduation hat on...a little angel holding a light, two angels doing ballet ( or something) "antique" lunchbox with Lasey on the front...a London Double Decker Bus...two little boxes...a little bottle of liquor from Greece....and now Belle the Pez despenser.
Anyway, I dont know why I just told you that...its just that, as I was beginning to write this post, I thought of several things I wanted to talk about-none of them connected...and then, I thought...well...who cares? I'll just do a knick knack post.
First of all, last night...I didnt get to do my quiet time until 11. And as I was sitting there getting started I thought-WHAT have I been doing up until now that I would wait this long!? Because I have SO much I need to discuss with Him!!! And it was then that I had this great since of delight and RELIEF that I CAN have that sort of a relationship with my Lord...there is nothing that I cannot bring before Him!
But, why is it that I often put off that kind of goodness? Why is it hard to do quiet times, when we know that ultimately it will bring peace, help and growth that we can not get any other possible way? Arg.
Ok, Here's something I want to get some feedback the past few days I've been really blessed with a lot of "building up" so to I got a really cool email from a friend-she had copied out the Carrington report from last year...where people at the Hall write things about you-and then you can go and read what they said...very nice. Anywho, it was really nice to read what people wrote...and I was thinking about how easy it was for me to accept the nice things that were said about me...things like "Abbey is encouraging...Abbey tells the greatest stories...Abbey really cares about those around her...Abbey has the tiniest feet ever....Abbey is such a fun entertainer..."
but that is contrasted with totally different compliments that I got a few days earlier...things like "you're totally have an amazing singing should be a conselor because your so wise.."
Compliments which made me feel really...odd. And I didnt really believe them, even though I they SEEMED to be sincere. I felt sort of like I must have done something wrong for people to make up these totally FALSE compliments. In fact, these compliments had the reverse effect.
Anyway, I dont really have a question per just all made me feel very "ugg" and I was starting to think that maybe it was a self-esteem problem or something...but, then I got that email-and I realized I COULD accept some types of compliments...but not others? what's with that?
OK, moving on....
In other news, I got to talk to Kristy this morning, which made me extremely happy since I had JUST prayed for her last night...woo hoo! God is good, so there I was at work at 7:30AM-talking on my cell phone to a dear friend in Hong Kong ( before my doctors arrived, of course)...dont you ever marvel at technology? Isnt it glorious that communication can be so relatively easy?? I am grateful that I live in this day in much of my life would not have been possible otherwise.
I'm at work allll daaaaay my desire is that people:
 1. Email me.
 2. Comment on my blog.
3. Post on their blogs.

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