November 15, 2005

All work and no play makes...

Abigail a little less poor.


So, today I had to make the hard decision of whether or not I would work 10 hours on my birthday or not. In the end I had to say "yes I will work ten hours"...because technically if I do not I will hardly have ANY HOURS for the week...and will not be able to pay the bills for the month. *sigh*
What has happened?! Is THIS what being a grownup is all about?! working on your birthday?! Not only THAT... but DECIDING to work on your birthday because its the "smart" thing to do!?
I knew this day would come...but its crazy nonetheless.

So, anywho...this past weekend was insanely sad and depressing one of the factors was I was allll aloooone in my apartment while my roommate(flatmate..whatever) stayed with her sister while her parents were out of town. Of course, there were many factors to the depression, but being by myself was one of them. Anyway, so I'm planning ahead and thinking about the four days I have off for Thanksgiving ( Thursday through Sunday) and what I will do...I dont want to be stuck with nothing to do and an empty house again. Its just too much.
One thing I WANT to do is watch all the movies that are piling up that I havent gotten to see....I'm thinking about taking a little trip and just watching movies back to back all day long. Of course, that would require money...but, then, I'm working on my birthday for heavensakes...which is like 50 dollars or something ( rolls eyes) SURELY I can pull this off?! Anyone have any OTHER grand ideas of what I could do?!

Of course, this could all go out the window in a second, if only my family would get back to me on actual "thanksgiving" plans...I mean, seriously...someone tell me what's going on!

In other news, I forgot to mention a horrific event of the weekend:
My sister and I were fighting the evil forces of depression by shoe shopping and we stopped by Best Buy to see if they had the DVD of Beauty and the Beast ( oh and by the way...if you know somewhere were I could buy it let me know...apparently its "in the Disney Vault" ) and as we were walking out of the store we walked past an aisle where there were about five guys gathered around this one very hot girl. As we passed some how my eyes met her's and she gave me the MOST EVIL LOOK EVER. Seriously, if looks could kill I would have died a thousand and one deaths. I was so shocked and it happened in such such a fraction of a second that I almost felt like it hadnt happened...but as we exited my sister said, did you SEE that girl's evil look!?! Turns out she gave my sister the evils TOO! Insane!
Who even KNOWS how our presence offended her and her entourage...I mean, when it comes to girl currency she was definitely winning...she had FIVE guys gathered around her, she was looking hot ( *i* on the other hand was wearing two day old jeans and a purple t-shirt, unbrushed hair and my "ruby slippers") and besides the only thing Anna and I did was WALK BY...we were far from threatening...
It was truly a crazy moment in time.

Last night I taught Katie how to "pearl"...since she has fully mastered "knit" in the knitting stitches...she is going to be a pro....that plus the fact that Donnave called this weekend to tell me that not only is she knitting up a storm, but she's actually teaching someone ELSE how to knit...makes me feel OH SO PROUD. Louise, if you're reading're amazing talent of teaching a lefty how to knit has paid off. :-)

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