November 28, 2005

Always Prepared?

Last night after a hilarious round of The Panel...I layed in bed and starred at walls. I couldnt sleep for ages and I was really hot. Not sure why, the heat was turned off..and it was getting colder outside. But, I was hot...and I couldnt sleep.
I went through various "thought options" in my head and it seemed every topic was off limits.
Off limits because it would just make me MORE awake. One such topic....
"Its almost been a year." (*)

In other news, despite the lack of sleep I got up at 8 and had coffee with my papa and my sister. It was a good thing since right when I was about to leave to do some shopping- Kristy called. Woo! Made me happy, also since I was going to email her today!
Sometimes I actually think we are connected to our friends in more ways than we realize. How else do such things happen? Going to write Louise and email and finding one from her already in the Inbox...
Is it really just coincidence? I like to think not.

Back to work today. Just realized that I got the better end of the stick when I said I would work Christmas...poor D. is practically just getting a normal weekend off...Although I am STILL bummed about missing Church on Christmas day. I am now officially praying for a Christmas Miracle so I can go.

Who else feels like time is flying by without much thought? I cant believe its almost December! which bring me back to (*).
So, on the 13th of December it will be exactly one year since I left New Zealand for the last time. How crazy! It blows my little mind! I want to do something fun/exciting/thought provoking/encouraging to celebrate...Any ideas? You have about two weeks to think about it-so let me know!

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