November 29, 2005

A snippet

By. Ruth Bell Graham

"Pray when in the mood, it is sinful to neglect such an opportunity. Pray when not in the mood, it is dangerous to be in such a condition."

when all your soul
a tiptoe stands
in wistful eagerness
to talk with God;
put out your hands,
God bends to hear;
it would be a sin
not to draw near.

when gray inertia
creeps through your soul,
as though a man
who fights the cold,
then growing languid
and slumbering
knows not
it is death.

when swamped
with sin and shame
and nowhere else
to pin the blame
but your own will
and waywardness;
God knows you,
loves you nonetheless.



Each verse speaks to me with more power and each one seems to speak more about ME....oh, how easily I fall. How easily I fail.
But, He is ever gracious to minister. To forgive. To speak.

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