November 10, 2005

"The girl in the corner is totally checking you out."

So, tonight I needed a little "me" time...and I also needed a little "out of the house" I went to Java Jacks, sat in the a chapter of my book....wrote in my journal. So what did I write in my journal? WEEEELLLLL, so glad you asked! hahaha.
While I was sitting in my corner this group of about 15 people came in....using my totally awesome detective skills I figured out they were a BSM ( Baptist student ministry) bible study group...and it seriously took the thirty minutes to order drinks and move on up, I stared at them for thirty minutes...first I did it really sly-like...but just sort of turning in my chair and looking up everynow and then....but then, I decided-why do I care if they know I am starring or not?! So, I just watched them...and wrote about them in my journal....I figured out that there was one couple-and they also seemed to be a dominate couple...people sort of circled them at all times...then a little group of guys broke off by themselves...leaving "the couple" and a bunch of girls...and two guys...THEN the two guys broke off and had some sort of an animated conversation-after which one of the guys went over and started flirting with this girl like crazy...while the other just sort of stood back and watched....the group of guys continued to be separate but every now and then one of the un-attached girls would find some desparate reason to go over near them...and then one of the ablidging guys would say something to the girl so she could stay and talk for a while before moving back into the saftey of the girl circle.
Seriously, I could go on forever about what I deducted was going on in this social setting....SUCH FUN.

Now, the major topic at hand...see next post:

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