November 10, 2005

social butterfly.

So last night I was out until 10...or something close to ten. Which meant I was way behind on my "night time ritual" when I finally got home....put up laundry, fill up water bottles for work, load dish washer, quiet time/winddown, talk to friend on phone...AND I wanted to read another chapter of Captivating ( which I'm loving more and more..) there was NO TIME for a blog post of my inspirational people...sorry! Did you miss the count down? were you wondering HOW MANY DAYS is it to Abigail's birthday, again???? I need a reminder!
well, I'm sorry...i really am, but lucky for me yesterday's person and today's person are actually a COUPLE and therefore I can get away with putting them together anyway! woo hoo! :-)
You'll have to stay tuned to that...I cant write now, because APPRANTLY people have commented about how the "radiologist assistants spent a lot of time on the internet instead of doing jobs that are not technically theirs...but since we dont want to do our jobs we would really love it if they would stop checking their emails and start doing our jobs as well, thank you."
So, my doctors being the lovely people they are ( and who also know what side their bread is buttered on) have just told us to start minimizing our internet screens when people come in the reading room....which is ANNOYING by the by...but not nearly as annoying as the thought of not getting to check my emails every 30 seconds.
I'm thinking maybe if I write my blog posts in a word document it would make it look more official? any thoughts on this? hmmmm....
I'll give it a go and let you know how offical it looks.

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