November 01, 2005


So, today begins my Golden Birthday Countdown...( and for those of you who are not familiar with this term: your golden birthday is the year that you turn the same age as the date of your birthday)....this year, I am turning 22 on the 22nd.
So officially: 21 days till my Birthday!!!!!!
My mom, my sister and my grandmother made this incredible basket of little presents all wrapped up...I get to open one every day this month until my cool is THAT?! It made getting up this morning that much better :-)

Today's present: A coloring book and crayons! woooooo! No one is ever too grown up to color...seriously.

In other exciting, good news...I had a suprise job-review session with my was positively glowing which I was happy about. Especially since LAST week was so nasty...I felt like SURELY some of my disgruntledness must have snuck out at some point...but I guess not. :-) In the end I got bumped up to 38 hours a week...ANNNND a substancial raise. I was totally overwhelmed.

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