November 01, 2005

The weekend and all that jazz.

OK, so to recap: last week was baaaad, right, I was sick, I was stressed, downright I took a looong weekend and went to Cleburne. It was wonderful in so many ways-but I think the best part was I didnt THINK about anything of importance. In fact, strangely enough I felt like I wasnt suppose to pray for, for me that is really odd. And it was kinda hard to do, but after the first day...I didnt even have people coming to mind like they normally do...which made me realize it was really a God thing that I not THINK.
I guess its important sometimes to just not worry about anyone else but yourself-and taking a break from all that fretting really made me realize just HOW MUCH I really DO spend dwelling on the worries of, not in a BAD sense...but more of just a " I needed a break" sense.

Highlights of the weekend:
-Talking over life and such with Donnave..its ALWAYS a delight to share things with her.
-Watch the goings on of the ever busy Abt house. Watching Donnave serve each and every one of those that pass through her doors with such love-its incredible.
-Watching new swimming technique with Uncle Jim...It really made me want to try it out-its hard to believe my swimming is officially outdated!
-Going to a swim meet...after I left I realized I hadnt thought about anything but the next race for several hours!
-Teaching Donnave how to knit....the laughter was abundant. It was absolutely hilarious!
-Unraveling a huge mass of yarn for a total of, like twelve hours (over two days time)...with Robert and Ricky who both have the ablity to make me laugh... a LOT.
-Having tea and a long chat with Nicole
-FINALLY getting to catch up with Gail :-)
-Watching "Flight of the Navigator" with Robert...a classic from 1986.
-Getting my very own pez dispenser ( I'm Belle from Beauty and the Beast) from Gail.
-Talking about things with Uncle Jim and seeing just how much he influences those around him...he is truly amazing.

All in all, it was perfect.


Now, I'm back...and I've got things to say, but I'll post about it later.

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