November 08, 2005


So, I was reading back over my blog-I'm lame...well, not lame...but not funny either...what's with that? I think I use to be one time. I dont remember exactly, but i have this feeling that people laughed. And not in that "at you" sort of way...but the "with you, because you are laughing at yourself" sort of way.
I am trying to think how to recreate a funny moment, but sadly nothing funny has happened lately...meaning, I havent done anything funny. And we alllll know what this means, right? I'll have to start making up funny stories at future parties ( because I am SURE I'll be invited)- I'm sitting here...and i think the last funny thing was the pentecostal story.
Isnt that sad? I am sitting here half wishing something really embarrassing or akward will happen so I can write about it! like I said, lame.
I'm bored... the most exciting thing that's happened today was having free chili-dogs for lunch. :-)
P.S. I DID get a really cool spungebobsquarepants cup for my golden birthday present this morning. wooooo I'm cool

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