November 08, 2005

two cups of coffee and a piece of gum

I'm hungry. But, I think its because I am bored...and also because I've only had the above food products today. But, I am TRYING not to eat anything until lunch because, I weighed myself today- I had gained 2 pounds! hahahahah! wooo hooo...I guess all the eating out I've been doing the last couple of days wasnt the best of plans ;-)
meh, whatever, 2 pounds isnt THAT much...I still fit in my (drawstring) pants-and that's all that matter right?
I hate girls that talk about how fat they are-I vow to never be one of them...
Last night I had the funniest talk with The Panel online...but it sucked up my time and I was consequently up really late...talking to Louise! Yaaaaay! I cant even explain to you how wonderful it is to talk to her...seriously, she is dear to me. Sometimes, I am truly overwhelmed at the dear kindred spirits God has given me....I could go on and on about Louise...but I'll wait and do it later ;-) But, I had to do my quiet time for last night this morning because I talked to Louise until waaaay past my bedtime. Doing my quiet time in the morning is always interesting, and I really enjoy it-but I HATE getting up early, so I'm pretty sure until have some big life-changing event I wont be doing it in the mornings on a regular basis....buuut, then when I think about it, last year when I did TWO quiet times...a little one in the morning and then my long one at night-mornings were so much, *sigh* I really should start getting up earlier shouldnt I?

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