November 29, 2005

Nostalgia wins the day!

Today, I had an hour off at 11am to go buy Christmas cards...which took longer than expected and the selection was slim...BUT, in that time I had a fun conversation about New Zealand with the owners of The Good Book...a cute little Christian bookstore downtown..which was well worth it. I realized that, at the risk of boring people, I try not to talk about my experiences very much. Its odd. But, I always feel like, since its SO important to me, I would just go overboard if I ever got started talking about it....meh. Anyway, it was nice.
Then, after buying some Christmas presents and ordering others ( why are all the good books never in stock?!) I went to Hastings..and you wont believe my good luck! I found a Special Edition, two disk DVD of Disney's Beauty and the Beast for the grand price of $13.99....oh, I was happy! I also bought Amy Grant's Home for the Holidays Christmas CD...the tape of this particular Christmas selection was one that I positively ran into the ground during the 90s. I put it in and was immediately transported back in time. Delightful.
In other nostalgic news, I've done two Code Crackers today...thanks to Bing and his thoughtfulness! I've gotta say, the United States is missing out on this particular word puzzle delight...However, today while doing the very first one I was reminded of many moments of procrastination, sitting in the House Tutor Lounge at Carrington trying...or standing in the lunch line holding the torn-out entertainment section of the Otago Daily delightful.

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