November 09, 2005

On the run....

meeeh....I just got back from the gym...I think I may have gone a bit too hard...or I was just out of shape since I hadnt been in, like, five days...because I got all light headed :-(

Now, I'm home...and I need to take a shower before heading to church. But, I just wanted to blog. Dont know why, really, just wanted to say "Hi".

Here's a confession, I am really really liking a particular song at the moment-but since its by an artist who I make fun of constantly I am totally embarrassed-isnt that silly? Anyway...
The Song "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson. Oh Man. I'm diggin it.

In other news, I need to talk to a friend of mine tonight, but I'm nervous, because sometimes its hard to put feelings into words, sometimes its hard to get the point across...and its EVEN harder when youre thousands and thousands of miles away from each other. I am often really blown away at how important my communication skills really are to my very way of life. hehe. But, then my skills fail me and i feel all..."uggy". It is then that I realize just how much I must rely on the Grace of God to keep so many of my relationships strong....being far away is very "interesting".

Whew, I need to pray about things...why I am I writing instead of praying?

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