November 26, 2005


So, as a girl I have to be careful. Well, probably boys have to be careful too...but probably in different ways...but *i* have to be careful not to watch too many romantic movies or it gives me "ideas" and I want to go out immediately and find myself a HHB....( read the above in a dramatic, a little over the top manner and you've got the idea)....BUT...I make exceptions to my rules when it comes to Jane Austen.

I saw the new version of Pride and Prejudice today... and its very good. While one can never stop loving the 6 hour A&E version ( read:COLIN FIRTH) I will make room for this new rendition...and I do so, because while there had to be generious cutting done to fit it into just two hours, I felt the "spirit" of the book remained...and I actually enjoyed the little "artist's interpretations" that made it very satisfying and delightful.
My favorite things about this newest version of one of my favorite books:

Mr. Colins-he was hilarious and incredibly short...just as he should be.
The first proposal-talk about "whoa" was electric...and I actually liked it better than the second one ;-)
Jane-She wasnt nearly as "boring and dull" as I felt she was in the A&E version...and I have to say this actress was BEAUTIFUL and gave ol' Keryia a run for her money in the hotness department.
The scene between Elizabeth and Mr. Bennett at the end...I nearly cried...its one of those extremely touching moments between a father and his daughter-and I loved it.
And...last but not least Mr. Darcy walking in the fog...that scene could have gone on forever in my personal opinion. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. ;-)

OK, so there you go....that's enough romance for a while...I'll have to have some realism really soon or I'll have to give another "being single is cool" speeches just to remind myself that Mr. Darcy is FICTION. :-P

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