November 25, 2005

To get in the mood...

White Christmas...this movies is a classic-and the music makes you want to go caroling or something equaling daring... until you remember you CANT sing and your waist isnt as tiny as the character Judy Haynes ;-)
Its a Wonderful Life This movie never fails to make me cry lots of happy tears-it restores faith in mankind...Jimmy Stewart will do that to you.
Miracle on 34th StreetI actually like this remake version better than the orginal-the little girl is particularly endearing...and the scene where all of NYC hangs "we believe" signs everywhere makes you happy.
The Santa Clause This movies such fun! And come cool is the North Pole?!

Home Alone This movie is just fun...and I actually really like a bunch of Christmas song versions in this well as the idea of a big family all together for the holidays-no matter how disfunctional this particular family is.

Ok, so people...go out, rent these movies and prepare yourself for the holiday know, in looking back over these movies-I really can NOT imagine Christmas not being cold ( or at least suppose to be) and New Zealand do you have summer-y christmas movies?! I would love to know what you watch to get in the spirit...ooooor maybe since its summer you watch less movies during the holiday season than we do here since there isnt much to do action wise?! is that it?

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