December 17, 2005

holiday cheer

Only three things were in the mail today, but they all turned out to be EXCELLENT:
1. An American Girl Catalogue....looking at little girls dream dolls makes me a happy.
2. A check from SBC...our rebate from way back in August! Better late than never!! WOOOO.
3. The electic bill...and sure, bills are never a good thing...but it was 32 dollars and something cents! WHOOOOAAAA! that is SOOOO LOOOOOW!

*sigh* I guess its nice that we practically live by the light of christmas lights and dont need the air-conditioning! ;-)

So, today was a nice day:
work was a little long and drawn out-but it was followed by a positively AWESOME lunch at the Tousha's for Jame's graduation. Seriously, it was the best food I've eaten in....well, its kinda sad to admit just how long...but anyway, it was great-and the company wasnt bad either. hehe.

I went home and vacumned the apartment even though I SWORE I wasnt going to clean this weekend...meeeeh! once you get started you cant stop! I also wrapped some Christmas presents...and listened to Johnny Cash.

I am going to pause for a moment and ask how everyone is liking this blow-by-blow account of my day? Good? Informative?
Are you DYING to know more?!

Ok, enough of the questions that no one will actually answer
THEN...I had prayer-time-with-Carmi in my room until 6. These times are always a blessing to me, and I am SO glad we were able to talk before she left for Hong Kong....( a little side note: So, the movie King Kong came out this weekend...and everytime I try and say the title of this movie I accidently say "hong kong" instead...its sort of embarrassing!)
Then, I....
Baked some Christmas cookies....went to prayer meeting....convinced Meredith to go to a get-together at Thomas's...went to said gathering...had delightful conversation and delightful hot coco.... I am here sitting on my bed at 9:50... I only lasted thirty minutes longer than yesterday before putting my PJs on....*sigh* hahahahah! You could say I am not even TRYING to stay out late! :-P

Just realized my PJ pants are on insideout. doesnt matter...they work either way...

Goodnight dear friends...

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