December 18, 2005

All I want for Christmas...

So, oddly enough there are some things I really miss this Christmas season- its odd because technically I am "home" for Christmas so things should be good, right?
Well, most of my "christmas memories" are actually packed away in a storage parents storage room to be exact.
I know, its actually strange how MUCH I miss things like the Nativity Scene that is panted on a blocks for kids to play with...or the little "christmas village" that always sat on the china cabinet but I really really miss these things....BUT, the things I miss the most are my mom's christmas cooking ( which is why I baked cookies yesterday) and most importantly:
Corrie's Christmas Memories By Corrie Ten Boom....this book is truly wonderful, it has five ( I think) different Christmas stories...or rather, four different accounts of THE Christmas story and one "Christmas-y" story...they are beautifully written and never ever fail to remind me of the TRUE reason for this, what has turned insane, time of year. How did it get so FAR from the REAL reason!?
Anyway, I miss that book dearly this season......and it wouldnt take me long to give it a good read if you're reading this, and you just so happen to have a copy or know where I could get on short notice ( as in, before Christmas Eve) I would really really appreciate it. Sometimes I am suprised at how things can strangely effect you so much...but I miss this book ever so much!

But, in a more "unselfish" tone...I do recommend buying this book if you have a chance, I promise will be come a VALUABLE part of your Christmas traditions....

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