December 14, 2005

I've been tagged!

have been tagged by Merrisa...

Here are five weird habits that I have:
1. I often imagine throwing water in peoples faces when I talk to them.
2. When I brush my teeth in the morning I hum to myself.
3. When I call someone on the phone I often find myself holding my breath until the person answers...this COULD get really dangerous ;-)
4. I wrinkle my nose when I smile, especially when I'm nervous.
5. Whenever I see a duck I SCREAM...( this isnt true...but it would definitely be weird if it was true!)
Now I get to tag 6 people to do the same on their Blog/Xanga.
I tag...Justin, Sam, Sarah, Jordan, Paul aaaaannnnnnddddddd Sunshine.

Here are the rules: You must write 5 weird habits you have on you're Blog/Xanga. Then you must Tag 6 other people to do the same on theirs. Let them know you tagged them too.
Tell them to read your Blog/Xanga for instructions...That's it...

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