December 14, 2005

three isnt a crowd...

So, it seems I cant break three comments as of late, meh...I'm not complaining...some of those said comments have been excellent-ly long ;-)

Yesterday, I bought a new cell phone ( ahahahahah! brandspankin new! 30 bucks! New Zealand cell phone companies, eat your heart out!)-its excellent, I love it...its shiny and was my present to myself. :-)

Things are going pretty good, rather busy...but good. I woke up this morning and it was dark and I was sluggish...I really thought it was like 5am or something, I kept checking my clock to make sure it really WAS was. I think it was because it was sun. Plus, I was up a little late reading The Two Towers

I have nothing else to say, I started a few sentences and deleted them because they were lame and I got bored by just writing them.
This is obviously not going to be the post the break that "three oreos" record.

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