December 25, 2005

Joy to the World

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! II Cor 9:15

Well, the day is almost over, and I'm curled up in my bed...

Can I just say, I think we should ALWAYS go to church on Christmas day...I mean, sure midnight services are cool...but there is just something about having CHURCH on the actual day of Christmas! I was SO very pleased that I was able to go to the service, my wonderful boss made sure we made it out in time for me to make it :-) It was truly my Christmas miracle!
And as I was singing the opening Christmas Carols I looked around at all the dear dear ones there at church...and I was filled with such JOY. For THESE people are truly my family! And this is why I think, no matter what day of the week Christmas falls on, we should have church to celebrate...for while I have struggled over the past weeks with the meaning of this season, being stretched and pulled every which way to truly grasp the Truth. It was as if it came together there at church this morning...

Tomorrow is another "hospital holiday" which means the doctors offices wont be open-which means only one radiologist works and he should "technically" only have to read the inpatient films...but its probably going to be a long morning despite that. I dont really mind. Its something different than a normal monday that's for sure! ;-)
besides, tomorrow night we are having a "the girls christmas gathering" at my four girl friends from highschool are getting together for some girly times...I am excited about it. Its really fun that we are all still able to hang out and laugh together after so much water has passed under the bridge of life..hehe.

On Tuesday my aunt and uncle and cousins and their husbands and wives and their kids are all coming into town for a little "run-threw" family gathering...seriously, I think there are like 25ish people in all! Insane how families can multiply! But, that should be actually, I guess this Christmas season ISNT over yet! ha! what was I thinking?
I am going to consider this coming week as "icing on the cake"....for I truly feel like, in the end, this Christmas was a success...a personal victory so to speak.

Well, the blogging community has been a little bit on the dusty bunnies and crickets side of things lately, especially when it comes to comments...buuuut, I have great and high hopes for the coming New Year. Woooooo!

And with that...I am off.

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