December 26, 2005

just because...

...I am bored.

I havent written a blog in a loooong time that I didnt know "somewhat" I was going to say to begin with...buuuuut, I am at work, and its going slower than normal because my doctor has a visitor. While any varity at work is alway appreciated, this way, I have less to do. :-(
So, today I'm just going to talk to you, to fill time. This weekend I watched two DVDs.
The Brothers Grimm: This movie was kinda gross in parts ( nasty bugs and corpes and such) and kinda boring and had a insanely weak ending and bad plot. BUT the acting was very good...though, even that didnt make the movie worth it.

Must Love Dogs: This movie was really kinda boring too. Though John Cusack played his typical brooding character flawlessly...but thats not a suprise since he's been playing that character since the 80s. I also though the "dramatic" scene at the end was so ridiculous that I actually laughed out loud. So, in that respect the movie was a winner. Plus, Diane Lane is hot, and a walking advertisment for what botox can do.

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