December 02, 2005

over thinking..

You know what I wish? I wish that there was some totally amazing person that I could go to and tell problems-they would have the great and awesome Wisdom to tell me exactly what to do...and I would do it...and then they would tell me what to think...and I would think it...yes, that would be cool. Then I wouldnt have to doubt my thoughts and my actions. Woo.
Yes, I need a King Solomon. Where is he when you need him?

In other news, I got a Christmas bonus today from Dr.X.
He is definitely #1 in my book today.

In other-other news, I got a free flu shot today...I felt sort of sick afterwards, but I think it was because of an email I received, rather than the shot.

In other-other-other news, this weekend is stockfull of things that must be done-and somehow I need to fit some Christmas shopping inbetween baking for a Baby Shower, putting on a Baby shower, working and a Christmas parade. Its delightful when the only "bad" thing is the working...

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