December 03, 2005

parties and such

Whew! What a day! Its only 9:30...but I am totally going to bed after I write this!

After work this morning ( which went on until 11:30...during which time I had to have a Politics Talk...which we all know I absolutely HATE to talk about politics!)
I came home and frantically pulled myself together and headed to my sisters house to do last minute preparation for the Baby Shower for Trinity....I've gotta say I will throw a party with the Dudley girls any day of the week...they are fantastic, and I think all in all the day went well! ( which remind me to post the picture I took of my kitchen after I baked two desserts at once last wasnt pretty!)
Trinity got tons of cute stuff for the baby and there was MUCH of the oooooos and aaaaaaaaahs that should be expected ;-)

Then I rushed home to pull myself together again...( at home I found that Katie had gotten us a Christmas Tree...which is possibly the cutest tree ever...we definitely have a festive home now!) to get ready for the nacogdoches christmas parade.
The Dudley's were kind enough to let me go with them...which was great...I love their family, and I hadnt talked to Ms. Kim, inparticularly, in a long time...PLUS they have the GREATEST family connections! We ended up on the Greer's balcony looking down upon the parade...a perfect birds eye view of everything! Fantastic! I felt so blessed that my parade experience was so delightful! And I have to say....watching all the cute little kids was as fun as ever....seriously, there is nothing like Christmas through the eyes of a child!
Buuuut, in saying that, during the really awesome fireworks show that was right after the parade....( seriously, it went on for like twenty minutes and the finale was spectacular!) a little boy asked his mother if he could play with his "gameboy now"....oh my goodness!!!! What has happened to the youth of today that they dont even find FIREWORKS entertaining?!!
horrible, I tell you, horrible!

When I got home from the parade I called Sam back ( he left me the longest message in history on my cell) to celebrate 365 days of not seeing each other. hahahaha! It was good to talk to him, and I realized how fun it is to talk to him on the phone. I remember in Dunedin there was a period in time when we use to talk to each other on the was random because we lived two seconds down the road from each other-but somehow "little" phone calls would turn into long ones....and in thinking about it, I think some people are just reeeeally good phone people. I think it has something to do with inflection in the voice and that you can tell when people are joking and making "a point"....and I swear you can even since facial expressions....anyway, sam is one such person...which is handy since talking to him on the phone is about the only contact I'm gonna have! hahaha!

So, now, I've caught you up to the minute of me and my weekend fun....tomorrow I have to work again, but I'm hoping I make it to the second service at church, at least....I also hope its cooler, because, come on! its UNSEASONABLE out there! :-(

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