December 28, 2005

without looking at the clock...

...I ALWAYS seem to crave a Coke at exactly 11am..

I have no idea why.

The problem with this is that the coke guy comes and restocks the vending machines at 11....two times I walked up as he was restocking and he just gave me a free was nice, but then I started to feel bad...I mean, I am NOT going at 11 just to get the free coke, but it MAY look that I started waiting...and going later when I knew he would be gone...and you would THINK I would then start to get my craving later, at say my body would adjust to this new pattern. No, I still want my coke right now.
Oh, and after re-reading this, it gives the impression that I have a coke every day...I dont, but when i DO...I crave it at exactly 11am...which makes it all the stranger.

Yes, I know, my life is truly rivating.

So, there is a Doctor who wears SOOO much cologne that when we recieve films that he's touched...they SMELL like him. Amazing.

I read a bunch of blogs today-I dont recommend any of them. Sort of trashy :-( Made me feel gross, actually. That's the problem, you dont necessarily know right away-their first post can be super entertaining and funny and you think, "Yay! A winner!" and then...boooooooo!

For instance, if someone comes across my blog and this is the post they see first...they will move on quickly, because WHO wants to read about someones strange built in coke-clock!?

The moral of the story: Be careful when browsing blogs...and never judge a blog by its first post.

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