December 27, 2005

The girls....

So, last night was the long-awaited meeting of the girls...The DBM re-united for our annual holiday cheer. This year was extra special because Nancy Cotton ( not her real last name) graced us with her presence...thus making us almost totally complete ( minus Asa whom...I really very much doubt I'll ever see again...) as you can imagine ( or you should anyway) we were goofy and crazy and just as loud as we ever were in high school...ahhhhhh!
I am definitely planning to post some pictures from the night because otherwise you wouldnt believe our sillines..but, then, on second thought..some silliness is better left to the imagination. ;-)

It was so delightful to laugh with these girls-and I really must say, while our lives have taken some interesting twists and turns; taking us from Finland to Austria to New Zealand and other stops in between...we can still bring it all back to this little town in Texas where we all spent a splendid amount of time together back in 2002.

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