January 06, 2006

the continuing saga...

so, I know all of you are DYING to know why *i* think Evil Neighbor had a huge fit and then drove 100 miles an hour away the other night...weeeeeellll....today when I got home there were two blue balloons tied to her door....and since her daughter was giant-preggers just yesterday, I can only use my amazing deduction skills to say that...the other night was a FALSE BABY ALARM. Ah yes, and i can only hope that now that there*is* a baby to distract Evil Neighbor she will be much much happier.

PS. I must admit, now that I've been praying for Evil Neighbor, I dont even really dislike her as much...I even want her to be happy...and while her dog is still possibly the most annoying creature on the face of the earth, I almost feel bad that we've named Evil Neighbor, Evil Neighbor...of course, we cant change it now....but, lets just think of it as more of a....oooooh....term of endearment. ;-)

Terms of Endearment...I heard that was a horrible movie.

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