January 06, 2006

Mornings and Evenings

So, I did a bit of soul searching last night...about various things-mostly my quiet times.
Lately, I've had the strangest combination of really wanting to sit down and have that time with God...really looking forward to that time of day...and then...then just going through the motions once I get there. Very frustrating.

Along this strand of thought, I've made a few decisions.
First of all, one of them is a decision I made a few days ago that I never followed through on. Even though I said I was going to stay off the internet at night..i didnt actually DO that...well, I sort of did, but I continued to get on MSN to chat with dear friends. It was really hard for me to let that go-I MISS these people! I LOVE these people, and talking to them, in any form, is important to me. Yet, I really felt convicted last night about letting that go...I mean, its not like I can never get on MSN...its just I need to stop it being a regular evening habit.
Personal Note to the happy few I usually talk to on MSN. I will truly miss talking to you, and i would love to get emails from you instead...I will even reply, and if you would like I'll even make an MSN date with you, if you'll give me a specific time you'll be online-thus cutting back on the "hanging around time" online.

OK, my other decision is a lot more exciting...and I need your input, I spend sooo much time on the computer at work, and usually its looking up meaningless facts and reading stupid yahoo gossip or depressing news...soooo...I've decided to add an online devotional to the mix. There are so many out there, and I know i could probably try a few out and weed through the muck, but I thought I'd ask those of you that know a thing or two about them to give me any feedback, suggestions, warnings you might have! Looking forward to hearing from you!


In other news, I am glad its friday...only...five more days until my day off. Woo.
Last night I helped my sister flip her mattress...we had just spent a good portion of the evening watching Friends so we kept making allusions to the show...which made the process a lot harder since I loose all lifting ability when I'm laughing.

My 2006 calendar at work has this staring at me all day. I havent fully decided if I like it...his expression is so sad or maybe he's just aloof, worried, snobby, nervous??

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